“The Face of Kinship Care” Documentary

About the Film: 

The Face of Kinship Care portrays the compelling and inspiring stories of three kinship families and the love and devotion they show to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Each grandparent caregiver works every day, around the clock, with little recognition and support, to succeed at one of the most difficult yet most important jobs in the world: parenting. Universal yet so very remarkable, the unnoticed work of these everyday heroes is finally given the spotlight it deserves.

In a rare moment of recognition and validation, kinship caregivers see their story represented on screen. The film is a critical tool to help inspire, educate and energize human services agencies, caregivers, and policy makers.

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Audience Reception:

The documentary premiered at the Child Welfare League of America’s national conference in Washington D. C. on March 29, 2017, where it received a standing ovation from the audience. Due to requests after the premiere, the film has also screened at several other events.

“This heartwarming film says it all, what a precious resource grandparents and kin care for their kin children they choose to raise. There is a place in heaven for them.” Donna Pressman, President, The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey

“The film should be ‘required’ for CPS and Social Service agencies.”

“We are kinship caregivers.  The film was showing what it is really like. But it’s not a choice really.  Good film.”

“The film was very open.  I cried and thought of my situation.  Thank you.”

 Kinship caregivers of Orange County, NY

Who’s behind the Film?

Filmmakers Julie Winter Magruder and Jackson DuMont teamed up with the CWLA and the NYS Kinship Navigator to produce this work, with the hope to enact social and political change for kinship care in America. Kinship Navigator’s director Gerard Wallace assisted with production and commentary.

Far too many caregivers and children, like the ones highlighted in this documentary, are not being supported. By exposing the realities of their situations and the work they do everyday, the film has already made an impact – and we hope will continue to do so – by stimulating discussion about policy changes and redefining society’s understanding of and perspective on private kinship care.

How Can I get the Film?

 If you are interested in downloading the film, please visit:


The film is free of charge.