The New York State Kinship Navigator Program

The Kinship Navigator is a statewide program operated by Catholic Charities Family and Community Services and specially designed to provide an information and referral network for kinship caregivers across all of New York State. A kinship caregiver is a grandparent, relative or family friend who is a full time caregiver of a child that is not biologically their own.

Since 2006, the Kinship Navigator has provided leadership for a broad-based coordinated effort to provide comprehensive services that address the multiple needs of kinship caregivers and their families. The Kinship Navigator along with local kinship programs, are part of the NYS Office of Children and Families Services efforts to support grandparents and other relatives who are caring for children not in foster care.

By going to the Kinship Navigator county resource menu, readers can identify information about any of these kinship programs.

The Kinship Navigator program is seeking partners to help with outreach to kinship caregivers. Any organization that would like to assist us in this effort is welcome to contact us. Likewise, any organization that would like to be listed as a resource is welcome to contact us.

For caregivers from all counties in New York State, there is the Kinship Navigator, where everyone can find information about kinship legal issues, events, assistance, and specialized services. Please view our home page to begin accessing our services.