“Tawk” to us!

As 2017 progresses, KN looks forward to expanding its services and reaching out to more families in need.  Our staff met in Syracuse, NY last week to review our 2017 plan – we are excited to roll out several new ideas, including a quarterly newsletter, new conferences, partnerships, and website features.  If you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter, please make sure to provide your email address when you call our help line, or email us at navigator@nysnavigator.org with subject line “Newsletter”.

One of our new features for 2017 is well underway – you will notice on our website’s lower right hand corner a new pop up “chat” button!  This is another way to connect with one of our specialists from 10-4 on week days – via live chat.  Feel free to ask us any questions about kinship care, resources, fact sheets, or questions about where to find something on our site – we are happy to assist and can even send files via direct chat!  As always, we welcome emails and calls to our help line directly.

Stay tuned for more developments as KN strives to provide the best services possible to caregivers and professionals in NYS!