“The Face of Kinship Care” Documentary


“The Face of Kinship Care” is a documentary that explores the riveting stories of four unique kinship caregivers from New York. The lives of these grandparents have been defined by the love and devotion they show to everyone around them, not only to the grandchildren they have opened their homes to. Each caregiver works everyday, around the clock, with little recognition and support, to succeed at one of the most difficult yet most important jobs in the world: parenting. Universal yet so very remarkable, the unnoticed work of these everyday heroes is finally given the spotlight it deserves. Dir. & Edited by Julie Winter Magruder. Cinematography & Assistant Editing by Jackson DuMont.

The documentary’s premier showing was on March 29, Washington D. C. at the Child Welfare League of American National Conference and received rave reviews! Request a Free Screening*



* Requests will be free through May 11, after which will be available for a small licensing fee

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